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Intermediate Estonian I
Catalog number CEUS-U 211/441
Piibi-Kai Kivik

Course Objectives

The course builds on the skills acquired during elementary courses and will follow an integrated approach of developing reading, speaking, listening and writing skills through a variety of communicative language learning activities.

Topics covered during the first year will be reviewed in more detail and new topics, such as seasons, holidays, traditions and customs added. Longer reading texts are introduced. Listening comprehension is further trained with the help of video materials. The aim is develop conversation skills beyond the structured exchanges learned at the Intro level. 

Required texts and materials:

M. Pesti, H. Ahi. E nagu Eesti. Tallinn: TEA, 2001.
J. Tuldava. Estonian Textbook. Bloomington, Indiana 1994.

Suggested texts and materials

Estonian-English dictionary. Tallinn, Koolibri 2002
English-Estonian dictionary. Tallinn, Koolibri 2002
Pocket Dictionary Estonian-English/ English-Estonian. Tallinn, TEA 2001.
Tere Eestimaa. An audiovisual course in spoken Estonian Tallinn 1994


Classroom participation is required.
Daily homework, daily journal, quizzes and tests, midterm exam and final exam will be administered.

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