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Intermediate Estonian II
Catalog Number CEUS-U 212/442
Piibi-Kai Kivik

Description: Intermediate level of grammar (morphology and syntax); vocabulary building through readings in and outside of class; development of speaking skills through conversation, discussion and oral presentations in class; practice of writing skills by keeping a weekly journal and writing short essays; development of listening comprehension skills. By the end of the intermediate course, the students will have covered the grammatical structure of Estonian.

The materials used focus on developing language proficiency, along with introducing aspects of Estonian culture, and will include: current Estonian press sources (both in print and on the Internet), pieces of short fiction and poetry by Estonian authors, Estonian documentary and feature films, as well as news programs.

Two classic pieces of Estonian cinema, Kevade and Viimne Reliikvia, will be viewed and the Estonian script of the films read.

Assignments:  The assignments include independent reading; listening to audio and videotapes; translation; vocabulary and grammar exercises, as assigned in each class; and longer pieces of writing.  In addition, the students are required to write a daily journal and submit it once a week for feedback.  The students will also select and read a short news article every week and submit a vocabulary list and summary of the article.

Evaluation:  Attendance and active participation is absolutely necessary in this class, and so is independent work.  There will be regular quizzes, a midterm and a final exam.  The exams will consist of both oral and written parts.  

30% Participation and assignments
20% Tests/quizzes
20% Midterm
30% Final

Required reading

Texts and audio/video material as assigned in class, including full-length feature-films in Estonian (no English subtitles, Estonian script available), Kevade, Viimne Reliikvia; selections from Estonian printed press; news-programs broadcast on SCOLA; Estonian TV talk shows; feature and documentary films.