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Intermediate Finnish II
Catalog Number CEUS-U 222/432
Pia-Maria Paivio

Intermediate Finnish II is for students who already know the basics of the Finnish language. The aim is to obtain communicative skills that are desirable in everyday situations related to study, work, and leisure. You will also learn specific issues of Finnish culture and history. 

The course is based on engaging in communicative skills. The methods of this course are learner centered, communicative and often problem-based, which means that sometimes, for instance, you will solve grammar rules with your peer and assistance of your instructor. All basic language skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing will be included both in class activities and at home. 

Course material: 

- Lecturer’s own materials
- Audio and video cassettes
- Vähämäki, Börje & Stuart von Wolff 2004 (1994): Mastering Finnish. Aspasia Books, Inc – University of Toronto Press.
- Wuolle Aino 1990: Finnish-English-Finnish Concise Dictionary. 8. edition. Hippocrene.


-     Quizzes on a weekly basis
-     Midterm and final exams


Because of the nature of foreign language learning, regular attendance and home works are necessary to achieve a satisfactory level of proficiency. You will be given three excused absences. Absences beyond three instructional hours will result in grade penalty of 2% per day. 


The final grade is based on attendance and participation (40%)
homework (20%)
journal (10%)
quizzes and tests (10%)
midterm (10%)
final (10%).