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Intermediate Hungarian I
Catalog Number CEUS-U 231/421
Valeria Varga

Course Objectives

The intermediate-level Hungarian course is designed to enable students to speak and converse more fluently about personal and simple academic topics, to express themselves and articulate their opinion, to read and understand short literary and scholarly texts, and to write to fulfill basic personal, business, and academic needs.

During the first semester students further improve their language skills and review their basic knowledge of Hungarian. Students also learn more about the life style and social-historical facts of Hungary through texts and videos presented in authentic contexts.

The topics include: traveling and being abroad, expressing temporal relations, writing a CV, being sick and visiting a doctor.

Required texts and materials

Hungarolingua 2. Magyar nyelvkönyv, by Edit Hlavacska et al., Debrecen, 1993; Hungarolingua 2. Nyelvtani munkafüzet, by Edit Hlavacska, Debrecen, 1993.

Suggested texts and materials

Miklos Törkenczy. 2002. Practical Hungarian Grammar, Budapest: Corvina
Miklos Törkenczy. 1997. Hungarian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar. Budapest: Corvina.

Assignments and evaluation

Grades are based on class attendance, participation and assignments.
Assignments include: presentations in class, oral and written homework, weekly journals, quizzes, tests, midterm and final exam.

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