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Intermediate Tibetan I
Catalog Number CEUS-U 251/486
Gedun Rabsal

Course Objectives

Intermediate Tibetan further develops the students' ability to use Tibetan language for meaningful communication. Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are developed throughout the course with due attention to grammar. Special attention is devoted to classical Tibetan readings. 

Required texts and materials:

Nicolas Tournadre, Sangda Dorje. Manual of Standard Tibetan: Language and Civilization. Snow Lion Publications, 2003.

Suggested texts and materials

Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan by M. C. Goldstein,
Lhasa Verbs by Geoff Bailey and Christopher E. Walker (April 1, 2004)--can be purchased at Boxcar Books (
Listening and reading exercises will consistently use online recourses such as The Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Libraryat

Assignments and requirements

Students receive daily homework (writing, reading, listening, speaking). Quizzes, tests, midterm exam and final exam are administered.  
Class attendance and active participation is expected.

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