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Intermediate Tibetan II
Catalog Number CEUS-U 252/487
Gedun Rabsal

Intermediate Tibetan II is mainly aimed at the further development of the students` abilities with basic features of Tibetan language.  Students will begin reading the textbook: Manual of Standard Tibetan by Nicolas Tournadre and Sangda Dorje. In addition to the textbook, other materials such as short stories, articles etc., will be used.  You will receive daily writing and reading assignments.  Your written work will be collected and graded accordingly.  Please use a notebook for your homework. 

Textbook:  Manual of Standard Tibetan.  Other materials will be distributed in class. 

Tests:  You will be given a test or quiz after every two or three lesson.  Midterm exams will be given. 

Absences:         You are allowed up to four absences.  Two percentage points will be subtracted from your total grade for each additional absence except for exceptional circumstances. 

Grading: Attendance 25%
  Homework assignments 20%
  Tests and quizzes 20%
  Final exam 30%
  Oral Test 5%