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Intermediate Kazakh I
Catalog Number CEUS-U 275/675
Zaure Batayeva

The intermediate course improves the learner’s basic language skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening. The primary goal of the course is to improve communicative competence and to enable learners to handle a variety of immediate everyday situations related to academic life. Intermediate course builds on and extends the foundations established in the previous level.

Required Textbooks and Class Materials

Suggested Textbooks and Materials

Kazakh tili  Kanat Ibragimov 2004
Iraida Kubayeva Kazakh language Made Easy Alamaty 2003
We speak Kazakh       Kulpash Sariyeva
Intensive course of Kazakh language 2003
Beginning Kazakh CD, Ablahat Igrahim Arizona University
CELCAR website materials


Daily homework, tests and quizzes, midterm exam, final exam
Class attendance and participation are mandatory.

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