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Intermediate Kazakh I
Catalog Number CEUS-U 276/676
Fatima Moldashova

The intermediate course covers the skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening. The primary goal of the course is to teach students to use Kazakh Language for everyday situations and purposes related to work and social life. Lessons are in Kazakh only, except some grammar analogues. The course is based on the components:

  1. Grammar structures (GS): the new grammar of each lesson is presented in tables. Grammar structures are followed by examples practicing common expressions in everyday situations. Some grammar structures are given short English analogue to ease comprehension of the use.

    Grammar: modal verbs, past tense types, adjectives and types of adjectives, cases (accusative, locative, genitive), compound verbs and their functions or they are as perfect tense, 

  2. Small texts, following GS are chosen according grammar. Texts contain real-life information about Kazakhstan style of life. The reading materials develop skills of reading and comprehension skills –guessing words from context, skimming and scanning. 

  3. Vocabulary is given in 3 types: vocabulary of the text, idioms and confusing verbs with examples and exercises. Topics:

    Traditions and customs
    Climate and seasonal dresses
    Geography of KZ
    Mass media and movie
    Holidays, religion

  4. Listening activities are presented in situational dialogs that occur in real speech video materials by topics. The listening activities develop variety of listening skills- content comprehension, listening details, correct pronunciation.

  5. The writing exercises include practical writing tasks developing student’s composition skills.

  6. Text book series “Did you know?” contain interesting information, developing and enriching vocabulary and knowledge about Kazakh traditions and customs.  Either teacher can present them in class as reading or students can prepare essays as homework using dictionaries. The second goal of using series “Did you know” is a preparation midterm and final oral exam materials.

Class Policy

The final grade is determined by fulfilling the following requirements.

  1. Homework: accounts for 15% of the grade
    • Translations of work have to be submitted in typed form.
    • Handwritten assignments have to be neat and legible.
  2. Class, language lab attendance and participation: Accounts for 10% of your class grade
    • This class meets at 10:10 – 11:00 A.M. five times a week. Punctuality and daily attendance are mandatory.
  3. Weekly tests and quizzes: Quizzes and tests constitute 15% of your grade.
    Every week there will be some kind of test or quiz based on the new materials that we have covered in the classroom. 
  4. Examinations: 45%
    • Midterm exam is worth 20% of your grade
    • Final exam is worth 25%
    The dates will be announced in the classroom in advance.
  5. Oral and comprehension exam: The oral exams make up 15% of your grade.

Course materials:

  1. Kazakh language course for intermediate
  2. Kazakh tili   manual book for Intensive teaching of Kazakh language/Murzalina B. Nurkeeva S. Nurgazina G. SagynykovaM. Baitasova S Almaty 2003
  3. Kazakh language for Russian and other language schools /Kanat Ibragimov
  4. Sukhbat  Kazakh tili Almaty 1996
  5. Sen bilesin be? Book series of Kazakh traditions and customs for children
  6. “Menin atym Kozha” B. Sokpakbayev. Adapted text-extractions from the novel with activity tasks.