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Intermediate Persian I
Catalog Number CEUS-U 277/520
Shahyar Daneshgar

Course Objectives

Welcome to the Intermediate Persian language class. The class adheres to the communicative teaching principle, which is based on the modern language instruction. This will allow us to look at the Persian language from a holistic perspective.

To start off, we will review some of the grammar from Moghaddam’s General Course in Persian 1 “Basic Structures.” 2003.  Our main book Modern Persian: Intermediate Level 1is an essential tool to build on for advanced learning in the classroom.  Each chapter should take approximately three to four sessions to complete.  With the help of the textbook, we will aim to cover a wide range of topics, as well as intermediate to advanced grammar.

Required Texts and Materials

Windfuhr, Gernot and Bostanbakhsh, Shapour.  Modern Persian: Intermediate Level 1.1980.
Thackston, W.M. Introduction to Persian.  Revised Third Edition. 1993.
Aryanpour Kashani, Abbas and Manoochehr.  The Combined New Persian- English and English- Persian Dictionary. 1986.

Suggested Texts and Materials

Moghaddam, Saffar A.  A General Course in Persian 1 “Basic Structures.” 2003.


 Cultural activities

Departmental requirements: