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U320  Finland in the 20th Century
Toivo Raun

This course offers an intensive study of Finnish history in the 20th century, covering political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of development. After a brief look at historical background the course will stress the following topics: Russification and the Revolution of 1905; the establishment of independence and the Civil War; domestic evolution and foreign policy in the interwar era; the Winter War and the Continuation War; postwar foreign policy, especially relations with the USSR/Russia and issue of Finlandization; the postwar economic miracle and the rise of the welfare state; the transformation of Finnish society, including the changing role of women; Finland as a Nordic country and part of Scandinavia; cultural develoments, including literature, art, and music, and Finland in the 1990s, including the impact of membership in the European Union.

Written Assignments: (1) for U320: a midterm and a final exam (both essay) and 5-7-pp. Research paper on a topic of the student’s own choice; (2) for U533: a 6-7-pp. Book review, a 15-pp. Research paper, and a final exam.

Days and Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 11:15-12:30.