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U320 Hungary and the Great Powers: 1914-1945
Thomas Cooper

In this course we will examine the fate of one of the peoples of Central Europe. Focusing on the multi-national Kingdom of Hungary, we will attempt to understand the cultural forces that divided the peoples of this region. We will consider how the rise of the nation-state fostered enmity between Hungarians and other peoples of East Central Europe. We will examine how Hungary’s defeat in the First World War led to a peace settlement that created further bitterness. We will consider the significance of Hungary’s fate for the rest of Europe. We will examine Hungary’s role in the Second World War and the consequences this had for the country and especially for Hungarian Jewry. We will consider the challenges Hungarians faced living in one of the states of the Eastern Bloc. We will conclude with a discussion of the problems that both Hungary and all the states of the region still face today partly as a result of the conflicts that began in the 19th century.

Days and Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30-3:45.