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Structure of Hungarian
Catalog Number CEUS-U 320/520
Csaba Pléh

The course shall present contemporary structural approaches to Hungarian for an audience that does not necessarily speak Hungarian, but have a solid background in linguistic theory. . Hungarian as a highly agglutinate language, with relatively free word order has been at the center of linguistic attention during the last few decades.

The main focus of the course will be morphology and syntax. We will go through basic phonological  proposals for Hungarian,  then move on to morphological patterns and processes, the nature of morphological rules in Hungarian, then Hungarian syntax shall be outlined. Syntax will be  presented regarding the different proposals on word order phenomena, and the status of Focus in Hungarian. The theoretical debates regarding the specifities of Hungarian word order and Thematic Roles will be highlighted.  Simple sentences and embeddings as well as conjunctions shall be analyzed in a generative framework. Finally, some discourse phenomena, especially intersentential anaphora will be analyzed in its relation to syntax and pragmatic considerations.

Requirements:  Students shall be required to write a paper of 10 pages, reviewing the literature of a specific structural aspect of Hungarian.  They will have to present the paper in class.

Required: The syntax of Hungarian. Katalin E. Kiss, CUP, 1997
Suggested reading Hungarian Verbs And Essentials of Grammar by Miklos Torkenczy. McGraw Hill, 1997