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Survey of Tibetan Literature in Tibetan
Catalog number CEUS-U 320/520
Gedun Rabsal

This course will be based on instructor's book entitled History of Tibetan Literature published by Kansu People's Publishing House in 2003.  It will focus on introducing Tibetan Literature of the four major literary ages: The Age of Kings, The Age of Sakyapa, The Age of Tsongkhapa, and the Contemporary Literature.  The class will closely read some model writings in those periods such as poems of Tibetan kings and lamas; in addition, they will thoroughly explicate these works.  Other related materials in Tibetan and English will be distributed in class. 

Textbook:  Gedun Rabsal.  History of Tibetan Literature.   PRC (Tibet): Kansu People's Publishing House, 2003.  Other materials will be distributed in class.

Evaluations:  Students will be evaluated according to their attendance and participation.