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Turkic Languages and Linguistics
Catalog Number CEUS-U 320/520
Cigdem Balim

(Please note that this course does not require previous knowledge of Linguistics or in depth knowledge of any Turkic language.)

Pre-requisites:   none

Open to both Undergraduates and Graduates

The course aims to introduce students to contemporary linguistics in the context of Turkic languages. After completing the course, the students are expected to have gained an understanding of the principles of linguistic theory and its applications; a comparative view of the linguistic structures of Turkic languages and current issues in the linguistics of Turkic languages. General topics which will be covered during the course include:

*          Contemporary study of human language
*          Linguistics and Cognitive Science
*          Syntactic theory
*          Phonetics and Phonology
*          Historical Linguistics and language change
*          Comparative method
*          Language Planning; Language and Nationalism
*          Language Learning and Teaching

Structure:       The course is structured around in depth reading of secondary sources and their discussion in class as well as practical applications of analysis through native guest speakers of Turkic languages, who will visit the sessions.

Delivery:           Combination of lectures and seminars and practical application.


a)         Postgraduate Students
2x 10 minute oral presentations in class with outline and bibliography (10% each, 20% total)
2x 3,000 word essays (35% each; 70% total)
Taking part in discussions, and assignments: 10%
b)         Undergraduate Students
1x 10 minute oral presentation in class with outline and bibliography (20% total)
1x 4,000 word essays (70% total)
Taking part in discussions, and assignments: 10%

Reading :

For an introductory text to Linguistics (for purchase): “Steven Pinker, Words and Rules: The ingredients of Language”.  Texts will be reserved in the Short Loan section of the Library.

Additional materials will be distributed in class.