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Hungary between 1890 and 1945
Catalog number CEUS-U 423
Laszlo Borhi

Description is subject to change due to new instructor

This is a general survey course open to undergraduates as well as graduates. It will deal with the social, cultural and religious  history of Hungary in the first half of the 20th century; the rise of Hungarian capitalism, the role of literature and intellectual history, behavior of old land-owning aristocracy, the assimilation of the German bourgeoisie, and the role of the Jews in urbanization, World War I and II, the dissolution of the Habsburg Empire, and the revolution of 1918-19.

Exams: There will be a midterm and final examination (10 questions) and a short essay on one of three topics.

Papers: Graduates will be required to prepare a paper on a subject chosen in consultation with the instructor.