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Hungary from 1945 to Present
Catalog Number CEUS-U 427
Laszlo Borhi

Course will trace Hungary’s turbulent history from the end of World War II till the collapse of communism in 1990. Special attention will be given to the discussion of the political and particularly the economic history of Hungary’s Sovietization and its integration into the Soviet empire within the international context of the Cold War, the Hungarian role in the Soviet empire, the revolution and war of independence in 1956 and the Soviet as well as American response to it. We shall look at the anatomy of a totalitarian dictatorship – Hungary in the 1950s, including a presentation of politics, economy and everyday life. The second part of the course will deal with the Kadar regime, and explore its political, cultural and economic experimentations. A special feature of the course will be the discussion of Hungarian-American relations throughout the period, uncovering the American strategy towards the Soviet bloc. Finally course will address the domestic and international setting of the miraculous transition in 1989-1990. Parts relating to Soviet-Hungarian and US-Hungarian relations are new in the field and are based on instructors research in Hungarian, Russian and US archives.