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U430  Finnic Folklore
Gyula DĂ©csy

Finnish Folklore will be thematically discussed in the context of the culture of the Finno-Ugrian people, with comparison to Scandinavian folk poetry, and in dialogue with the arts and contemporary adaptations; bear-hunting and wedding-songs; cosmology and shamanism; riddles and proverbs; narrators and stories; different types of songs; death and laments; children's lore.

Required Readings: (on reserve in the main library)

The Great Bear. A thematic Anthology of Oral Poetry in the Finno-Ugrian Languages. [Edited by] Lauri Honko, Senni Timonen and Michael Branch. Poems translated by Keith Bolsey. [Oxford]: Oxford University Press/Finnish Literature Society 1994, 785 pp.

Virtanen, Leea & Thomas Dubois, Finnish Folklore, (University of Washington Press) 2001, 297 pp. ISBN 951-717-938-3.

Days and Time: Monday and Wednesday, 11:15-12:30.