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U520  Finnish Film
Tuija Lehtonen

This course will survey some of the most typical characteristics of Finnish cinema and introduce students to different kind of films from past to present (Juha 1937, Rukajärven tie ‘Ambush’ 1999). Throughout the semester we will learn about the history of Finnish cinema and how central human themes such as life and death, love and longing, joy and sorrow, nostalgia and melancholy are understood in Finnish cinema. Interesting questions are how strong Finnish women are shown in films and how folklore and literature have influenced films.

The course also aims to illuminate the concepts of Finnishness and Finnish identity and mentality by analyzing films. Finnish films offer a mirror of attitudes, details of the culture of manners, and particulars of behavior in a Finnish society.

This class does not have any prerequisites.

Required Readings:   The material will be distributed in the class

Exams:  There is no exams but students are expected to attend the classes regularly, to do group and peer work and write a final paper on one of the films shown in the class.

Days and Time:  Monday and Wednesday, 2:30-3:45