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U520 Hungarian Folk Music
Zsolt Srajber

This course will examine the world of Hungarian folk music in its widest possible sense.  We will absorb the repertoire, cultural context, and musical-historical representation of its three major categories: peasant music, popular art music, and sacred music. Peasant music includes the oldest and most genuine Hungarian music, which roots in centuries of oral tradition and developed apart from urban influences. Popular art music is a foreign influenced patchwork of town-art-styles, including music performed by the Gypsies, the famous Hungarian “csárdás,” and even operetta melodies. Sacred music includes an ecumenical repertoire from medieval, Reformation, and Counter-Reformation eras, and Hungarian chorals. Material for this course will draw in part from the instructor’s own work with village singers in rural Hungary. Requirements will include listening assignments, a short class presentation, and focus on material we study on class.

Days and Time: Friday, 1:25-2:15 PM.