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Introduction to the Chinese Sources for Tibetan Studies
Catalog number CEUS-U 520
Elliot Sperling

This course will deal with the voluminous corpus of Chinese-language sources for the study of Tibet, particularly (but not exclusively) Chinese historical materials. Students will be exposed to standard Chinese histories, unofficial historical writings, geographical works, literary compositions, collectanea, etc., all containing material of importance for Tibetan Studies. They will learn how to locate, handle, and navigate through these source materials.  In addition, students will learn about the major modern works of Chinese Tibetology, including Chinese-language translations of Tibetan writings and journals.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. 

Exams: Grade based on class performance. 

Texts: To be announced at a pre-semester meeting; students will be expected to make their own copies of the assigned materials. 

Days and Times: This class will meet once a week at a time to be agreed upon by all participants.