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U520  Introduction to Lapp (Saami) using Bible Translations
Gyula Décsy

Lapp is a language of c. 60,000 speakers in northern Scandinavia mainly north of the Arctic circle (Norway 35,000, Sweden 10,000, Finland 5,000, Russia 4,000). It is a typical "mixed language" containing pre-Uralic, Finnic, Scandinavian and Russian elements. Its Scandinavian loans completely transformed their original structure both in pronunciation and in syntax. Standard Literary Lapp (Norwegian Lapp also called Northern Saami) is spoken by about 80% of the population; its modern standard has a Swedish-type simplified spelling. The course reviews pronunciation and grammar of Standard Lapp, offering details on the history of the language, on its folklore, and dialects. Simple practical conversations in Standard Lapp will be part of every session.

Text: Bergsland, Knut: Lappische Grammatik mit Lesestücken. Wiesbaden 1974. Available through the department. This is a German publication; only its Lapp texts and diagrams will be used. No proper knowledge of German necessary to use it.

Prerequisite: Open to undergraduates only with approval of the instructor.

Days and Time: Arranged.