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Research Seminar in Primary Sources on Contemporary Central Asia
Catalog Number CEUS-U 720
William Fierman

This course will provide students a basis to begin to conduct research using printed primary and secondary source materials on contemporary Central Asia that are written in Uzbek, Kazakh, or Russian. The course is designed for the student of one of these languages who is ready to begin using it to conduct research. At the beginning of the semester students will work with the instructor to select a preliminary list of texts on a topic that will serve as the foundation of a research paper. Around mid-semester, students will begin to search independently for additional original-language materials that will be consulted for the research paper. Student research papers are to incorporate materials in Uzbek, Kazakh, or Russian, as well as those in English (and/or other languages that the student knows).  The course is intended to build up passive reading skills and comprehension in the target language, which includes acquiring the vocabulary used in literature on the field of research.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. In general, students should be at least in the third year of study of Uzbek, Kazakh, or Russian.

Exams: Grade will be based on class performance as well as the final research paper. 

Texts: Initial texts will be selected prior to the beginning of the semester. Students will be required to make their own copies of the assigned materials. 

Class meeting times: The precise times of meeting will depend on class members and the languages of the materials on which they are working. In general we will meet twice a week at a time mutually convenient for all students working on a particular language. I anticipate that the class will be offered for students working on one of only two languages; student demand will determine which two of the three languages (Uzbek/Kazakh/Russian) these will be.