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U520  Romanticism
Mihály Szegedy-Maszák

This course offers an introduction to some forms of Romantic literature.  The focus is on German, French, English, and East-European literatures.  The main topics to be discussed are:  1) the transition from Classicism to Romanticism, 2) the aesthetics, genres, and stylistic features of Romanticism, 3) philosophy and poetry, 4) the cult of national identity, 5) folklore and literature,  6) literature and the other arts.

Readings will be chosen from a list including such authors and works as:

All texts will be read in English translation.  Students familiar with such languages as German, French, Russian, Hungarian, or Finnish will be encouraged to compare a few translations with the originals.

Exams:  A midterm test and final examination.

Papers:  Graduates will be required to write a paper on a topic to be chosen in consultation with the instructor.

Days and Time:  Tuesday and Thursday, 11:15-12:30.