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Comparative Turkic Linguistics
Catalog Number CEUS-U 690
Cigdem Balim

Pre - requisites: none

The course is structured around in depth reading about and discussion of major issues in Turkey from 1970s to date. These issues concern domestic politics and foreign policy; international relations; social structure and relations including gender issues and challenges of modernity; culture (including language, religion, education and communications); migration and transnational Turkish communities.

Introductory lectures of the course will dwell on the following topics: From Inner Asia to the Middle East and the Balkans; Seljuks and other dynasties; the Ottomans; Ottomans in the 18th/19th centuries: modernization; 19th and early 20th centuries: wars and migrations; Turkish Republic and modernization: development of the nation state.

Students will read about and have a chance to discuss in class various issues concerning contemporary Turkey including:



Class attendance and contribution to discussions: 10%
One oral presentation with bibliography and outline: 15%
One 5,000 word essay 75%


Two oral presentations with bibliography and outline: 20%
One 7,000 word essay 85%

 On completion of the course the students should

*    have an understanding of the main trends and arguments in contemporary Turkish politics, economy, international relations, culture and society
*    be able to collect, reflect on and use information from a variety of sources
*    be able to plan and write essays based on independent research
*    be able to plan and deliver oral presentations based on independent research