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Intermediate Uyghur
Catalog Number CEUS-U 215/691
Gulnisa Nazarova

During the fall semester of Intermediate Uyghur, students will continue to develop their listening, speaking, and writing skills.  The primary goal of the course is to give as much information as possible about the most important aspects of life in contemporary Eastern Turkistan so that students will be able to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner.  The intermediate level course will extend the learner’s grammatical, lexical, and functional skills using a wide variety of stimulating and challenging activities.  Listening activities involve listening to narratives, interviews from authentic sources such as RFA (Uyghur Erkin Asiya Radiosi), Uyghur TV and other online materials.  Learners are given the opportunity for personal expression in the form of partner work and discussions.  The course will also include improving translation skills from English to Uyghur and vice versa.

Three hours of class per week means that considerable independent preparation outside of class will be required.  Students are also required to make the most of class time by suggesting activities suitable to their own language needs as well as other changes to class structure.

Textbooks and dictionaries:

Course Packet may be found In Goodbody Hall 157

1. Tarjei Engesath A textbook of Uyghur Grammar, Volume 1, 2002.
2. Uighur – English dictionary, Urumchi, 1993
3. English – Uyghur dictionary,  Urumci, 1988
4. Intermediate Listening Reading Online Materials and Central Asia news
 (Fund of CeLCAR)

Suggested texts and materials

1. Hamit Tomur “Modern Uyghur Grammar”, Istanbul, 2003
2. Online materials (

Assignments and grading policy

The assignments include reading for general comprehension, careful reading for translation. Listening for general comprehension, listening for details; Writing of short compositions; Preparing 2 Projects; Grammar reviews; Different exercises and activities; New vocabulary.

Attendance and active participation are necessary in this class, as independent work. There will be regular vocabulary and grammar quizzes or tests every two week. The Midterm and Final exams will be according the schedule. They will consist of oral and written parts.

Quizzes and tests 20%
Midterm exam 20%
Final exam 20%
Homework 20%
Participation in class 20%

Grading System

99-100 = A+ 80-82 = C+
95-98 = A 77-79 = C
92-94 = A- 74-76 = C-
89-91 = B+ 70-73 = D+
86-88 = B 67-69 = D
83-85 = B- 64-66 = D-