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U720  Themes and Issues in Central Eurasian Historiography
Christopher Beckwith

This seminar will focus on theoretical and methodological problems of issues in Central Eurasian history. The issues dealt with will include some of general importance across the entire area of Central Eurasia (often with relevance for other world areas and periods)--for example, the issue of alienation and point of view: 'barbarians', 'border peoples', 'minorities', 'fourth world nations', and so. Most of the problems will focus on the 'core period' of Central Eurasian history, i.e., including prehistory through the eighteenth century, but especially the medieval period, but some may be chosen to accord with the specific periods and regions specialized in by the students. Readings will be chosen accordingly.

Requirements: Students will be required to research each problem themselves and take leading roles in the class discussions. They will also produce an annotated position paper on each issue studied and defend it in class. A research paper of publishable quality that addresses one of the issues discussed in class is required as a final project.

Textbooks: A reading list for material available in the library will be distributed in class.

Days and Time: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 3:35-4:25.