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U720  Turkish Literary Theory and Criticism
Kemal Silay

The seminar is designed to provide graduate students of Turkish Studies in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies with a general introduction to Turkish Literary Theory and Criticism in Turkish, focusing on the major literary movements, literary, political, and scholarly figures of the Republic of Turkey. The seminar will also cover the major translated works of Western literary theory and criticism and their applicability to Turkish literary texts and political contexts.

The class assumes that graduate students are already near-native in Modern Turkish and competent in reading Ottoman texts in the Arabic alphabet.

Required Textbook:

Turkish Literary Theory and Criticism Reader (approximately 1,000 pages) prepared by the instructor. It will be available at the Collegiate Copies, 1430 E. 3rd Street (Phone: 339-3769) for purchase.

Grading Will Be Based On:

1. Attendance and class participation: 20%
2. Presentations: 30%
3. Research Paper (to be written in Turkish): 50%

Days and Time: Monday and Friday, 3:30-5:30