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Gulnisa Nazarova :: Faculty

Picture of Gulnisa Nazarova

Lecturer, Central Eurasian Studies

Office: School of Global & International Studies 3011
Phone: (812) 856-2814


PhD (1992) Institute of Uyghurology, Kazakhstan

Research Interests

Uyghur language; Comparative lexicology of Turkic languages; Problems of Etymology; Ethnography; Methods of Teaching.

Courses Recently Taught

Publication Highlights

Selected articles:

Names of herbs and issues of their nomination in modern Uyghur language. "Materials of the 2nd Republican Uyghurological conference". Almaty, 1991.

Persian loans in names of herbs. News of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, a series on philology. Almaty, 1992.

Chinese lexemes in modern Uyghur language "Orientalist". Tashkent, 1997.

Semantic motivations during nomination. "Orientalist". Tashkent, 1997.

Ancient loans from Sanskrit in Turkic phytonyms. "Materials of the international seminar devoted to 50th anniversary of faculties of languages of Southern Asia". Tashkent, 1997.

Evolution of ancient phytonyms in modern Uyghur language. "Materials of conference". Tashkent, 1998.

Sanskrit elements in modern Turkic languages. "Materials of the international seminar". Tashkent, 2002

Etymology of some Turkic phytonyms. "A philological science of the new century: problems and decisions". Tashkent, 2003.

The Function of Chinese phytonyms in Modern Uyghur language. The Cultural, Literary and Language dealings of Chinese with Central Asia: now and before. Tashkent, 2004.

Indo-European elements in Turkic phytonymy (on the material of Uyghgur, Uzbek, Kazakh and Turkish languages). 2005. Muenster, Germany.


Introduction to linguistics, Tashkent, 2000.

Lexicology of Turkish language, Tashkent, 2003.

Current research projects