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Ron Sela :: Faculty

Associate Professor, Central Eurasian Studies
Associate Professor, International Studies
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of History

Office: School of Global & International Studies 2026
Phone: (812) 856-7017


Ph.D., Indiana University, 2004

Current Doctoral Students

Research Interests

History and historiography of Islamic Central Asia in the 16th-20th centuries; political and cultural self-representation in Central Asian sources, and Central Asia’s role in the history of the Islamic world

Courses Recently Taught

Publication Highlights

The Legendary Biographies of Tamerlane: Islam and Heroic Apocrypha in Central Asia. Cambridge University Press (April, 2011).

Islamic Central Asia: An Anthology of Historical Sources (Bloomington:  Indiana University Press, 2009).  Co-authored with Scott C. Levi.

Ritual and Authority in Central Asia:  The Khan's Inauguration Ceremony.  Papers on Inner Asia no. 37 (Bloomington:  RIFIAS, 2003), 79 pp.

“Invoking the Russian Conquest of Khiva and the Massacre of the Yomut Turkmens:  The Choices of a Central Asian Historian," Asiatische Studien/Etudes Asiatiques LX:2 (2006), pp. 459-477.

“The Heavenly Stone' (Kök Tash) of Samarqand:  A Rebels' Narrative Transformed," Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 17/1 (January 2007), pp. 21-32.

"Prescribing the Boundaries of Knowledge: Seventeenth-Century Russian Diplomatic Missions to Central Asia," in Writing Travel in Central Asian History, edited by Nile Green (Indiana University Press, forthcoming in 2013).

Current Research Projects