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Goodbody Hall (GB)

Campus Mail Servicedelivers and picks up from one location in Goodbody Hall, GB112, at approximately 9:30am and again at 1:30pm each weekday. Departments assign one staff person to drop off and pick up mail for the unit. The use of Campus Mail envelopes is encouraged. Outgoing US Mail picked up by Campus Mail Service for postage metering must have an account number or corresponding bar code attached to each banded bundle or written on each envelope. Campus Mail can provide bar codes to attach to bundled mail for frequently used account numbers. Your department can arrange Campus Mail pick up of large mailings (more than two mail trays/tubs) directly from your office.

US Mail is delivered to Goodbody Hall and sorted in early afternoon by one unit for designated GB department staff to pick up for distribution to faculty mailboxes. US mail is not delivered during winter break if department offices are closed.

Do not use campus addresses for personal mail or personal package delivery . Campus Mail and US Mail sent to campus addresses is limited to bona fide University business. Mail received at the central Campus Mail Service which violates this policy will be intercepted and returned to the sender. If a return address cannot be determined, the mail will be held at Mail Service in a dead letter file.

Campus policy prohibits sending checks or cash through Campus Mail. Sealed courier pouches are utilized. Your designated department contact must submit an on-line pick up request by 4:00pm the day before courier pickup.

All buildings and vehicles, regardless of location, which are owned or leased by the University are entirely smoke-free. Smoking is also prohibited within 30 feet of building entrances, exits, partially or fully enclosed walkways, open windows, and ventilation systems. The smoke-free policy applies to all indoor air space including individual faculty, staff, student, or administrative offices, classrooms, hallways, restrooms, etc. The only exceptions are designated IMU hotel rooms and designated individual housing rooms or apartments. This policy is incorporated into the faculty and staff personnel policies and the student code of ethics.

Instructions for making campus and other calls can be found in the campus telephone directory. Only appropriate University business-related long distance calls are permitted on IU accounts and the SUVON network. To make a personal long distance call, use a prepaid calling card or non-university billing card.

The University incurs fees for long distance calls and also pays for SUVON service so long distance calls must be limited to University business. Fiscal officers monitor telephone bills for reasonableness and appropriateness. Any personal calls must be reimbursed by a check made payable to Indiana University. Personal SUVON calls should be reimbursed at the rate of 10 cents per minute. This reimbursement procedure should be a one time resolution for inappropriate calls, not as a substitute for a personal pre-paid long distance telephone card.

Department fiscal officers enforce IU Policies I-30 and I-330 which deal with fiscal misconduct and inappropriate use of University funds. IU policy prohibits personal use of IU printers, photocopy machines, long distance service and office supplies. All items purchased with IU funds, including faculty research funds, are to be used only for university purposes. This includes printer ink and paper.

Goodbody Hall is open 6:00AM-10:00PM. The locking schedule is modified during holidays. Those who work other hours or during holidays will need a building key for entry. Contact your department.

To reduce security risk, when you leave your office make sure the door is locked. Windows should be closed when you leave rooms on the basement and first floors.

Familiarize yourself with the Emergency Action Plan for Goodbody Hall, available at The plan includes instructions on how to protect yourself in the event of an emergency. The Goodbody Emergency Control Committee provides a floor warden and assistant warden for each GB floor. If you have mobility impairment notify your department so you can be included in the emergency action plan.

Goodbody Hall fire alarms do not summon authorities. We must call 9-911 to report the alarm . If you pull an alarm or witness the action, try to notify a member of the Goodbody Emergency Control Committee (or shout in the central stairway). If an alarm is not immediately confirmed as false we call 9-911 and evacuate the building while we investigate.

Indiana law prohibits open doors in fire exits. Do not block open doors in Goodbody stairwells or building entries.

The new Federal and State wage and labor law poster is too large to fit on the Official Notices board in the first floor lobby. It is posted on the wall outside room Goodbody 107.

College of Arts and Sciences faculty, staff, and others with networked computers are asked to LOG OFF when leaving their computers but to leave the power ON . This enables overnight virus patch installation. It’s recommended that you shut down once a week, then restart and log off.


Food scraps should be placed in a hallway or bathroom trash can to avoid attracting insects and rodents to your office.

There are recycling containers in several GB locations. If you have small recycling collection containers in your office you must empty them yourself into the larger hall containers.

Send an e-mail message to your Goodbody department representative who will notify the Building Services Division night cleaning supervisor for floor care, carpet care, window cleaning, dusting, restroom detailing, insects, etc. Clearly describe the service needed, the room or location. Expect the work to be done on the regularly scheduled service day (the day your office trash is emptied). If there is a deadline, state it and allow as much time as possible for the cleaning staff to work it into their schedule. It may be necessary for you to prepare the area (remove personal items, piles of files, etc.) so cleaning staff can get to the carpet or windowsill to do the requested work.

When something needs immediate attention , call the BSD office (855-3121) and they will radio the daytime staff person who covers several buildings in our area. This applies only to emergencies such as flooded areas, spills that need cleaned up, empty soap or paper dispensers, and vital light bulbs that need changed. Non-emergency items such as floor care, carpet cleaning, dusting, restroom detailing, etc., should be requested by e-mail through your department.

Mouse, roach and other insect problems will be addressed by pest control staff but should be reported by e-mail to your department representative who will route the request through BSD. If the problem needs to be handled immediately, call the BSD office (855-3121) and they will send someone to take care of it.

Goodbody Hall Department Representatives for BSD requests are:

CEUS Karen Niggle, ;
EALC Barbara Grinder,;
HPSC Becky Wood, ;
IAUNRC Kasia Rydel-Johnston, ;
JSTU Janet Tippin,, or Patsy Ek,;
MONSOC Susie Drost, ;
NELC Elaine Wright, ;
RIFIAS Barbara Gardner, .
Building repairs can be directly requested from IU Physical Plant using the on-line Service Request Form available at Fees may be charged. Report emergency repairs to IU Physical Plant (855-8728). Report outdoor light and light timing problems to IU Physical Plant.

Indoor light bulb replacements are considered a cleaning service, not a building repair, so notify your Department Representative. If it presents a safety hazard, call the Building Services emergency number (855-3121).

BUILDING TOO HOT? TOO COLD?: Discuss your discomfort with your Department Representative. She will contact other Goodbody Department Representatives to come to consensus about heating start/stop dates and will then notify the building manager. Due to the wide range of temperatures within the building it is inevitable that some people will be inconvenienced for what we hope are short periods of time each fall and spring. Physical Plant wants to come just once each fall and spring to turn on/off the heat, so bring a sweater or fan for the transition periods.

May 2006
Karen Niggle
Goodbody Bldg Mgr