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Dual Central Eurasian Studies MA and the Information and Library Science, School of Informatics and Computing MIS

Degree Requirements :: Graduate Programs

The Department of Central Eurasian Studies offers a dual degree program in cooperation with the Department of Information and Library Science, School of Informatics and Computing, and prepares students for a wide range of careers requiring a combination of technical skills in information science, foreign language proficiency, and area expertise. Study in the dual degree program allows students to complete the MA and M.I.S. with a total of 60 credit hours rather than the 72 hours that would be required to take the two degrees separately. Students take at least 24 credit hours in CEUS and at least 36 graduate credit hours in information and library science. Under this program, the two degrees must be awarded simultaneously


Students must apply separately for admission to the MA program in Central Eurasian Studies and the M.I.S. program in the Department of Information and Library Science and must be accepted by both units in order to be admitted to the dual degree program. Students may apply for admission to both programs simultaneously. Alternatively, students enrolled in one program may apply for admission to the other anytime before the completion of their degree.

CEUS Requirements: Course Work, Thesis, and Research Language

Twenty-four credit hours of graduate course work to be distributed as follows: (1) three courses (9 credit hours) on the culture, history, or society of the region of specialization; (2) two courses (6 credit hours) at the intermediate level of a language of specialization selected according to the region of specialization; (3) two electives (6 credit hours) taught in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies, which may include further courses in the student’s region of specialization, in another region of specialization, or advanced level courses in the language of specialization; (4) R691, an independent study course (3 credit hours) that will serve as the MA thesis course (5) an MA thesis (no credit hours) of no less than 50 and no more than 70 double-spaced pages (text and notes) that reflects the use of materials in the student’s language of specialization and in one other research language other than English; and (6) demonstration of reading proficiency in a modern research language such as French, German, or Russian.

Department of Information and Library Science Requirements

Students must take 18 credit hours of required M.I.S. courses (Z510, Z511, Z513, Z515, Z516, Z556, a programming course in or outside of ILS) and at least 18 credit hours of ILS elective courses (36 credit hours)

Note on Tuition Costs

Students in this dual-degree program may find variance in their tuition charges. There is no standardized method of coding students in dual-degree programs. The Department of Information and Library Science and the College of Arts and Sciences charge different graduate tuition rates per credit hour. You will be coded in one school. As you near the half-way point in your dual-degree program, you should contact either ILS or the College, so arrangements can be made to change your coding for the second half of your degree to be charged at the other unit's tuition rate. Check with the Recorder of either school if you have questions.

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