School of Global and International Studies

Central Eurasian Studies

Ph.D Admission Requirements

Continuing Students

Timing:  Continuing Students should apply for admission to the Ph.D. program no later than the semester in which the student takes the M.A. thesis course.

Provisional Admission: This will be granted to eligible students no later than the semester in which the student takes the M.A. thesis course.  “Provisional Admission” means admission to the Ph.D. program pending completion of all Department of Central Eurasian Studies M.A. requirements.


Requirements for Formal Admission:

Student Statement – a new statement of research intent written by the student. 
Grade-point Average 
– a minimum of 3.5 in Department of Central Eurasian Studies coursework.
Research Language – at least one of the Research Language requirements of the Department of Central Eurasian Studies must be met before a student can be formally admitted.
Three Letters of Recommendation – Recommendations should come from the three people (2 from CEUS for the major and 1 from the minor) that will be on your Ph.D Advisory Committee. All faculty members must be Graduate School faculty.

Formal admission will be granted to an eligible student within one semester following the Student’s completion of all requirements for the M.A. degree in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies.


New Students

A candidate for the Ph.D. degree must have an M.A. degree in Central Eurasian Studies or fulfill the course requirements leading to that degree. In the latter case, the student must complete the Department’s M.A. requirements, for a total of 30 hours in the Department. Acceptability of the language proficiency level of all entering students is determined by the Department of Central Eurasian Studies.

Transfer of Credits: Under certain specified conditions, a student who comes to Indiana University after having completed graduate work elsewhere may transfer all or some of that work and receive credit for it at Indiana. For the M.A. degree, as many as eight (8) hours may be transferred. The student who has obtained the M.A. degree elsewhere may transfer as many as 30 hours to count toward the 90-hour requirement for the Ph.D. All transferred course work must be completed with a minimum of a “B” grade and must have been taken no more than seven years prior to completion of qualifying exams. “P” and “S” grades cannot be accepted for transfer without further official evidence of their  equivalency. Credits to be applied toward the M.A. are transferred at the time of application for the degree. Credits to be applied toward the Ph.D. are transferred at the time of nomination to candidacy.

Graduate work done elsewhere is not automatically transferable. For both the MA degree and the Ph.D., the transfer takes place only upon recommendation by the Department.  Thus, the question of transferability of graduate credit cannot be answered at the time the student arrives at Indiana University. Even if all appropriate hours could be transferred to Indiana, this still would not determine the timetable for obtaining the desired degree. Particularly in the case of the doctoral student, readiness to stand for the qualifying examination and later readiness to defend a piece of research do not depend on any specific number of course hours or even on the 90-hour rule, but entirely on the scope and quality of intellectual preparation, as judged by the examination committee and ultimately by the research committee.

Requirements for Consideration to CEUS Ph.D program

We currently do not offer direct admission to our Ph.D program even if you have a previous MA degree.  If certain requirements are met you may be considered for our Ph.D program at any time after you matriculate.  The requirements are:

  • MA with thesis in a relevant field.
  • GPA of 3.5 or above.
  • Testing out of the intermediate level of your Language of Specialization by passing CEUS administer exam. CEUS will administer exams the week prior to the start of each semester. 
  • Testing out of one research language approved by your advisor and CEUS Director of Graduate Studies.



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