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CEUS Ph.D Forms

Ph.D Advisory Committee Form
Designates composition of student's advisory committee for department files Due within one year of admission to Ph.D program for a single major or at the time of adding the second major for those pursuing a double major.

Completion of Minor
Student is responsible for requesting notification be sent to CEUS from minor department upon completion of Minor requirements.

Qualifying Exams
When all coursework and Ph.D requirements have been fulfilled, student must request approval from Advisory Committee to take qualifying exam.  All members must agree to an exam date for both written and oral exams and CEUS must be notified of this date no less than 30 days in advance. Qualifying exam checklist.
NOTE: CEUS maintains a file of previous qualifying exam questions which can be viewed upon request.

Nomination to Candidacy Form
Nomination to Candidacy Form for double Ph.D
Complete at the time of oral qualifying exam
NOTE:  Once you have taken your qualifying exam you must remain continuously enrolled, registering each fall and spring semester in either G901 (6 semesters max) or R890.  If you plan to submit your dissertation during a summer session you must register for 1 hour of R890 for the summer session you are defending. If you have questions, contact April Younger at CEUS ( or Ph.D Recorder Dana Harden at the Graduate School (

Nomination of Research Committee Form
Change of Research Committee Member Form
Attach a 1-2 page summary of dissertation when you submit the Research Committee form. Form must be submitted to the Graduate School at least 6 months before defense.

Defense Announcement
Submit defense announcement when your Research Committee has approved the dissertation and members have agreed on a date and time for defense. Announcement must be submitted at least 30 days before defense. 

Ph.D Degree
Ph.D Commencement Participation Application is due October 1 for December Commencement and March 1 for May Commencement. We strongly suggest you send as an e-mail attachment your final dissertation to the Graduate School for "formatting approval" PRIOR to submitting electronically. NOTE:  To insure compliance with University Graduate School dissertation guidelines, students should seek Graduate School input regarding maps, charts, and other non-text inserts to the dissertation to insure proper page orientation/placement and positioning of page numbers, etc.






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