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Batuhan Bozdoğan
AdvisorKemal Silay

Education History
MA Candidate in Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University (2013-Present) 
BA in Political Science, Istanbul University (2010)

Research Interests: Turkish Politics, Turkish Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics (Uprisings, revolts and military coups in the Middle East), Iranian Politics, Nationalism, Political Islam

Works in Progress
Political Interactions between Iran and Turkey after the Iranian Islamic Revolution

Honors and Awards
2013-Present Full Fee Scholarship, Indiana University
2007-2009 Full Fee Scholarship, Istanbul Municipality
2006-2009 Full Fee Scholarship, Turkish Government
1998-1999 Arçelik Volleyball Club, Volleyball Tournament 3rd place
1997-1998 Vakıfbank Elementary School, Volleyball Tournament 3rd place

Şovenist Fanatizm,” Yinedergi
 “Politik Mahzen, Kaos ve Propaganda,” Yinedergi
“Darağacında Halk İradesi; Demokrasi Adımları ve Darbe Naraları: e-Muhtıra,” Evrengunlugu

Selected Appointments and Employment
Business Is Global: Summer Language Program, Turkish Lecturer, July 2015
Critical Language Scholarship Program, Evaluator, 2014-Present
Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University, Associate Instructor for Turkish Language, August 2013-Present
Turkish Flagship Center, Indiana University, Tutor, September 2012-May 2013
Disability Service, Indiana University, Exam Proctor & Sighted Assistant for Turkish, 2012-2013
ATAC, Indiana University, Editor, January-June 2012
4th Generation Thought and Research Center, Board Member, 2008-2009
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Youth Assembly, Outreach Coordinator, 2007-2009
Istanbul University, Diplomacy Club, President, 2007-2008
Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Science, Student Representative, 2007-2008
Istanbul University, The Council of Students, General Secretary, 2007-2008
Zeytinburnu Municipality, Youth Assembly, Board Member, 2006-2007


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