School of Global and International Studies

Central Eurasian Studies

Graduate Students

Michael Krautkraemer

Doctoral Candidate, Central Eurasian Studies
M.A. Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University (2016)
Thesis: “All the Works and Days of Hands: an Exploration of Trade Manuals from Xinjiang (risālah) and a Translation”
B.A. East Asian Studies, Loyola University New Orleans (2013)

Title VIII fellowship for the study of Georgian (2018)
Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs Summer Pre-Dissertation Travel Grant (2017)
Islamic Studies Travel Grant (2017)
Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship, Turkish (2015)
Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship, Uyghur (2014-2015)
Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship, Persian (2014)
Recruitment fellowship, Indiana University (2013-2014)

Selected Employment and Experience
Graduate Assistant, Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center (2017-2018)
Associate Instructor, Department of Central Eurasian Studies (2015-2017) – classes include “Oil, Islam, and Geopolitics;” “Empire of the Mongols;” “Saints of the Silk Road;” and “Alexander, Jesus, and Other Islamic Heroes.”

French (advanced)
Uyghur (advanced)
Turkish (intermediate)
Kyrgyz (intermediate)
Chinese (intermediate)
Georgian (intermediate low)
Persian (elementary)
Chaghatay (reading)
German (reading)
Manchu (reading)
Old Turkic (reading)
Kazakh (reading)

Research Interests
History, Islam in Central Asia, Religious History and Experience, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Philology, Identity Formation, Identity Politics, Turkic Languages, The Intersection of the Sacred and the Mundane

Department of Central Eurasian Studies
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