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Bill Mankins

Committee Chair: Dr. Bovingdon
Committee Member: Dr. Lazzerini
Committee Member: Dr. Shahrani
Committee Member: TBD

Education History
Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), Central Eurasian Studies (minor: NELC)
MA in Central Eurasian Studies
MS in Defense & Strategic Studies
BA in Chinese Language and Literature
BA in History

Graduate Assistant for Islamic Studies Program, IU: 2012-2014
Dissertation research, Afghanistan-Pakistan border: 2009-2011
Graduate Assistant for CEUS: 2004 – 2007
High school teacher and coach

Pashto (advanced 2011)
Farsi (intermediate 2008)
Urdu (intermediate 2008)
Uyghur (advanced 2007)
Chinese (advanced 2007)

Research Interests:

  • Geographically, the spaces between the formalized area studies departments: between East Asia and Central Asia, between South Asia and East Asia, between Central Asia and South Asia, between East Asia and the Near East
  • The historical evolution of and the relationships between 1) types of knowledge (technical, intellectual, and moral), 2) types, forms, philosophies, methods, and pedagogies of educational systems, 3) agency, 4) structures, and 5) forms of power
  • The relationships between epistemologies and “Intelligence” of the “Other” at both the 1) highest-level – for conceptual construction of grand strategy; and the 2) lowest-level – for the construction of actual practice/implementation at the tactical level
  • Privacy and surveillance: personal information, data mining, evolution of cultural norms for rights and expectations of privacy; notions of public and private space
  • The construction, maintenance, and manipulation of universalizing “thought regimes” – categories, definitions, and values
  • The dynamics between modern (humanist) states and traditional (theistic) peoples
  • Language pedagogy and acquisition techniques
  • The histories and philosophies of knowledge and education (definitions, purposes, administrations, curriculums, and pedagogies)
  • My greatest passion, however, is exploring the methods and systems for maximizing full-spectrum development of individual human capacity (technical, intellectual, physical, and spiritual) and increasing individual agency (freedom, power, self-actualization, and spiritual-actualization)

CrossFit and triathlon training, scuba diving, skydiving, camping, skiing, rock climbing, sailing, surfing, cooking, and watching college football.

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