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Aybike Şeyma Tezel

Advisor: Ron Sela

Research Interests:
Early Türk & Uighur Archaeology, History of Pre-Islamic Inner Asia, Mortuary Architecture of the Early Türks & Uighurs, Cultural Contact and the Flow of Material Culture in Inner Asia, Balbal Stones of the Early Türks, Sacred Landscapes in Inner Asia

Education History 
Dual PhD Student, Indiana University
Department of Central Eurasian Studies (2012-Present)
Department of Anthropology (Archaeology) (2014-Present)
PhD Candidate, Middle East Technical University, Department of History (2009-Present)
MA, Middle East Technical University, Department of History (2009)
BA, Middle East Technical University, Department of Philosophy (2005)
BS, Middle East Technical University, Department of Sociology (2005)

Honors and Awards
2016 Skomp Summer Research Grant, Department of Anthropology
2016 Summer Travel Grant, Islamic Studies, Indiana University
2013 Summer Research Grant, Office of International Services, Indiana University
2002-13 Ph.D. Grant, The Turkish Fulbright Commission 
2011-12 Field Research Funds, CRACH, Beijing University
2011-13 Ph.D. Research Grant in the PRC, Turkish Ministry of Education
2009 Best Thesis of the Year Award, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Parlar Foundation
2006-07 Taiwan Ministry of Education Language Training Scholarship

Additional Education
Summer School in the Turfanforschung: “Sogdians and Turks on the Silk Road, Berlin – Brandenburg Academy of Sciences (August-September 2016)
Summer School for the Young Mongolists, National University of Mongolia (2013)
Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History, Peking University (2011-12)
Mandarin Training Center, National Taiwan Normal University (2006-08)

Work Experience
Library GA, The Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies (2013 – Present)
Lab GA, Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology (Summer 2015)
Teaching / Research Assistant, Middle East Technical University (2008-12)

Research Experience
Field Research “The Mongolian – German Orkhon Expedition,” Kharbalgas, Mongolia (July-August 2016)
Field Research “Türk & Uighur Era Material Culture,” Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, PRC (June-August 2014)
Field Research, “Türk & Uighur Era Mortuary Architecture,” Mongolia (June-August 2013)
Field Research, “Dong, Miao and Uyghur Minorities of China through Historical Perspective,” Jingzhou, Guizhou, Hunan, and Xinjiang, PRC (October-November 2011)

Teaching Experience
Middle East Technical University, Teaching Assistant
Hist 151, 152 History of Eastern and Western Civilizations I, II
Hist 228 History of Religions in Asia
Hist 476 Chinese History
Hist 476 Chinese History
Hist 568 History of India

“Diplomatic Relations on the Tang Frontier: Reading into the Pugu Yitu Tomb Inscription,” Diogenes, International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences, UNESCO (forthcoming)

“A History and Analysis of Marxist and Weberian Thought in Chinese Archaeology,” co-authored with Carlucci, E., 10th Annual AGSA Symposium, Indiana University (February 2016)
“Turkic Roots of Mongol Statecraft,” 16th Annual CESS Conference, George Washington University (October 2015)
"Rulership in Early Islamic Inner Asia,” Mapping the Landscapes of Islamic Studies, Indiana University (November 2014)
“Tang vs. Turkish Interpretations of Inner Asians: A Study of Stone Inscriptions,” 20th Annual ACES Conference, Indiana University (April 2013)
“Epitaphs as Sources of History: The Analysis of Pugu Yitu Tomb Inscription,” Perspectives on Asian Studies Conference, Boğaziçi University Asian Studies Center and the International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies (ICHPS) (March 2012)
“Wu Zetian: The Only Female Emperor of China,” International Multidisciplinary Women’s Congress, Dokuz Eylul University (October 2009)

Fluent: Azerbaijani, English, Turkish
Advanced/Advanced reading: Classical Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Modern Mongolian, Modern Persian, Modern Uyghur, Ottoman
Intermediate/Intermediate reading: Chagatai, Classical Mongolian, Old Turkic, Old Uyghur
Beginner: Arabic, German, Imperial Old Tibetan, Modern Tibetan (Lhasa dialect), Russian, Tocharian

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