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Dual CEUS MA and SPEA MPA Degree FAQ :: Graduate Programs

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Do I need to complete two applications and pay two application fees?
Yes.  Because there are two IU schools involved you must complete applications and pay fees to both.  It is very important that on both applications you indicate you are applying for the dual CEUS MA/SPEA MPA degree.  This will trigger an official memo to make both school recorders aware of your dual degree status.

Do I need to submit two copies of letters of recommendation and transcripts?
This is not necessary.  The Graduate School requires the original copy but SPEA is willing to accept authorized photocopies.  Have the originals sent to CEUS and we will authenticate and forward copies to SPEA.  Please include a cover letter with both applications stating which schools are receiving the originals and which should expect copies.

When is the application deadline?
CEUS applicants may apply for Fall (domestic deadline:  January 15; international deadline:  December 1) or Spring (domestic deadline:  September 15; international deadline:  September 1).  SPEA announces specific MA application deadline dates but routinely waives these so students should not feel constrained by these dates.  Apply anytime.

Can I be concurrently enrolled in both schools?
No.  You can be registered in only one school at a time.  It is important to use the appropriate registration ticket when registering for classes.  

Does this mean that I can't take courses in both SPEA and CEUS at the same time?
You can take courses in both schools at any time. 

Since the Graduate School and SPEA have different tuition rates how will I be charged?
You will pay the tuition rate of the school in which you are currently enrolled.

Does this mean that I can switch schools each semester?
You could but frequent switching may create unnecessary confusion.  Plan to spend three semesters in each school.  It has been suggested that because of SPEA cohort classes in the fall semester (typically taken your first semester of enrollment) that your first two semesters should be SPEA, the next three semesters CEUS, then the last semester SPEA.  

Will beginning in SPEA put me behind in my CEUS language requirement?
We're waiting for final word, but changes were recently (March 2000) proposed to the SPEA cohort program which may eliminate some 1 credit hour 6 week courses making it easier for students to squeeze a CEUS language class into the first fall semester.  For the lower enrollment classes, CEUS language instructors are generally cooperative with adjusting class meetings to fit student schedules.  Proficiency is needed only through the intermediate level for the CEUS MA.  If your language of specialization is Uzbek* or Hungarian*  then another option would be to take it during the eight week summer session.  

*Summer offering of introductory Hungarian and introductory and intermediate Uzbek is dependent on funding.

Do I need a CEUS advisory committee?
Yes.  By the end of your second semester of CEUS classes you need to form an advisory committee.  This committee should consist of three members who will guide you through your studies in CEUS.  All three members will read and sign-off on your MA thesis.

Can I have two members from CEUS and one from SPEA on my advisory committee?
Sure.  It is very important that all members know the current CEUS requirements.