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Andrew Shimunek


Advisor: György Kara and Christopher Beckwith

Education History
Current Dual Ph.D. Central Eurasian Studies & Linguistics
Dual M.A. (August 2007), Central Eurasian Studies (specialization in Mongolian Studies) and Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington
Dual B.A. (May 2004), East Asian Languages and Cultures (Chinese Studies major) and Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington

Selected Awards and Honors:


Research interests:
Central Eurasian  and East Asian historical-comparative linguistics, philology, and ethnolinguistic history (Serbi-Mongolic, Sinitic, Tungusic, Turkic, Koreanic); diachronic and synchronic phonology; morphology; linguistic typology; language description and documentation; and language pedagogy (Chinese, Mongolian, English).

Dissertation title (tentative):
The Serbi-Mongolic Language Family: Old Chinese, Middle Chinese, Old Mandarin, and Old Tibetan Records on the Hsien-pei (Xianbei) Languages and their Relationship to Mongolic, with Notes on Chinese Phonology