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Jonathan North Washington

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Advisor: Christopher Beckwith

Education History
Currently a double Ph.D in CEUS & Linguistics
MA (January, 2012), Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University
MA (August, 2010), Linguistics, University of Washington BA (May, 2005)
Linguistics, Anthropology, Brandeis University

Title VIII, Tajik - Indiana University, summer 2010
FLAS, Mongolian - Indiana University, 2009-2010
Fulbright Graduate Fellowship - Kyrgyzstan, 2007-2008
FLAS, Kazakh - Indiana University, summer 2005
SSRC (Social Science Research Councial), Tatar - Arizona State University, summer 2003
SSRC (Social Science Research Councial), Uzbek - Indiana University, summer 2002

English (native)
Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Russian (proficient)
Uzbek, Tatar, Khalkha, French, Spanish, Yiddish (limited proficiency)

Research Interests: the phonology and phonetics of, the history of, and the linguistic documentation and description of Turkic and Mongolic languages, especially focusing on Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Khalkha; socio-historical linguistics, experimental methods in phonology, morphological transducers.