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CEUS Graduate Admission Application FAQ

1. Question: I've submitted my application, what now?

Answer: The application process is slightly different for international and domestic applications. See sections below for what happens prior to the review. The Admissions Committee will begin reviewing applications mid-January. Our expectation is to send decision letters by the end of February. It is important to note that FLAS letters are sent by individual centers, so they are sent separately and at a later date.  The recruitment fellowship or any offer of funding by our department is sent along with the admission letter.

International applications- International transcripts are sent (either by the applicant directly or by our office) to International Admissions (IA) for verification. Once IA has completed their verification they are sent to the Department to include in the file.  IA generally returns them quickly but this step does add extra time, thus the need for an earlier application deadline. Submitted applications are compiled around December 1, and each applicant is contacted to let them know what documents may be missing. Iinternational applicants are generally updated once a week on the status of their file. The application deadline is December 1, but we understand supporting documents may arrive later. All supporting documents must be complete (test scores, transcripts, recommendations, etc.) no later than January 1. Applications that are not complete by the deadline will not be considered for admission or funding.

Domestic applications- Submitted domestic applications start to be compiled around January 1. Each applicant will be updated after January 1 on the status of their file and to indicate what documents may be missing. The application deadline is January 1.  All supporting documents (test scores, transcripts, recommendations, etc.) must be in no later than January 15.  Applications that are not complete by the deadline will not be considered for admission or funding.

2. Question: Do I need to submit a writing sample or a CV?

Answer: No to both.

3. Question: I am using a credential agency for my letters of recommendation. Do I need to contact my recommenders to complete the ranking sheet?

Answer: While the Admissions Committee does review the ranking sheet, they look at the application as a whole. A committee member has indicated that the lack of a ranking sheet does not hurt your application. We understand that more and more applicants use these types of agencies for recommendations.

4. Question: Should I forward transcripts and paper letters of recommendation to the department's address (Global and International Studies Building 3024, 355 North Jordan Ave.) or is there a general graduate center to which I should send them?

Answer: All support documents should be sent directly to the department with the exception of transcripts for international students.

5. Question: How many semesters of coursework will I need?

Answer: Our MA degree is 30 hours. Graduate students normally take 9-12 credit hours per semester or approx. 2 years of coursework.  It can be done in less time if you 1) do not need two full academic years of your LOS by taking one year in the summer or testing out of one or more years and 2) testing out or taking the readings for graduate courses for your research language instead of taking the language itself. For example, if Russian will be your research language and you have no prior knowledge of the language you can take R491 in the fall and R492 in the spring (you only need to pass R492).  If you get a "B" or better this will fulfill your research language but you gain reading proficiency only. If you wish to learn the language AND use it as your research language, you would need to complete three years. If you have a previous MA degree and you have extra hours not used for your previous MA degree you can transfer up to 8 hours towards your CEUS MA. Something that will lessen your semester load if you wish to graduate in a short period of time. If your previous MA is in a related field and you wrote a thesis of 50 pages or more you may not be required to write a thesis for your CEUS MA.

6. Question: I have a previous Master's degree. How can I apply to your PhD program? Do I have to get a CEUS MA first?

Answer: If you meet certain criteria you can apply to our PhD program after matriculating as an MA student. We require some onsite language testing and therefore you must first apply as an MA student. Criteria needed in order to apply to our PhD program:

    1. MA with thesis of 50 pages or more in a relevant field
    2. GPA of 3.5 or above
    3. Testing out of the intermediate level of your Language of Specialization by passing a CEUS administered exam. CEUS will administer exams the week prior to the start of the fall semester and as needed during the spring semester.
    4. Testing out of one research language approved by your advisor and the CEUS Director of Graduate Studies.

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