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Central Eurasian Studies

Undergraduate Minor or Minor with Certificate

Indiana University is a world leader in many of the sub-fields of Central Eurasian studies, from Tibet, Mongolia, and the Central Asian “-stans” to Turkey, Iran, Hungary, and Finland. The areas covered in IU’s Central Eurasian Studies Department are of increasing significance in the world today. It is the site of regional tensions, post-Communist dislocation, religious and ethnic strife, and issues of minority rights and independence. At the same time, many countries in Central Eurasia are coping successfully with conflict by building stable, pluralistic, and representative political systems.

With a CEUS minor undergraduates can develop a grounding in this crucial area to complement degrees in anthropology, linguistics, political science, history, religious studies, and other disciplines, or in related area studies, such as Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Germanic Studies, or East Asian Languages and Cultures.

Minor in Central Eurasian Studies

Students must complete at least 15 credit hours of CEUS or cross-listed courses, selected in consultation with the CEUS director of undergraduate studies, with a minimum GPA of 2.000.

Minor in Central Eurasian Studies with Language and Area Certification

Students must complete a total of at least 15 credit hours of CEUS or cross-listed courses, selected in consultation with the CEUS director of undergraduate studies, with a minimum GPA of 2.000, including:

  • at least 6 credit hours in a CEUS language (Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Kazakh, Mongolian, Persian, Tibetan, Turkish, Uyghur, Uzbek) beyond the introductory level, plus
  • at least 6 credit hours in non-language courses offered by CEUS.

For both programs at least 9 credit hours of the CEUS classes must be taken at the Bloomington campus and at least 6 credit hours must be 300-level or above. No more than 6 credit hours of non-CEUS cross-listed classes will be counted for either the minor or the minor with certificate.

See the Undergraduate Bulletin for more details. Undergraduates can now declare CEUS as their major. For more information contact Ron Sela, our Director of Undergraduate Studies, at or Jennifer Ashcraft, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, at

Classes for the Minor or Minor with Language and Area Certification

Language Classes:
The following language classes are available for the minors; all of them can also be used to fulfill the College foreign language requirement.

Finno-Ugrian Languages:
Introductory Hungarian: T141-142
Intermediate Hungarian: T241-242; prerequisite T142 or equivalent.

Introductory Finnish: T101-102
Intermediate Finnish: T201-202; prerequisite T102 or equivalent.

Introductory Estonian: T103-104
Intermediate Estonian: T203-204; prerequisite T104 or equivalent.

Turkic Languages:
Introductory Turkish: T181-182
Intermediate Turkish: T281-282; prerequisite T182 or equivalent.

Introductory Uzbek: T111-112
Intermediate Uzbek: T211-212; prerequisite T112 or equivalent.

Introductory Uyghur: T131-132
Intermediate Uyghur: T231-232; prerequisite T132 or equivalent.

Introductory Kazakh: T113-114
Intermediate Kazakh: T213-214; prerequisite T114 or equivalent.

Introductory Persian: T151-152
Intermediate Persian: T251-252; prerequisite T152 or equivalent.

Introductory Mongolian: T161-162
Intermediate Mongolian: T261-262; prerequisite T162 or equivalent.

Introductory Tibetan: T171-172
Intermediate Tibetan: T271-272; prerequisite T172 or equivalent.

Area Studies Classes

The following area studies classes are encouraged for undergraduates pursuing the CEUS minor or the minor with language and area certification. Other 300 and 400 level classes may be counted for credit with the consent of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The course descriptions are attached.

Introductory Courses (see also cross-listed classes):
R191 Introduction to Central Eurasia S&H (previously CEUS-U190)
R250 Introduction to the Ancient Near East S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U254)
R270 The Civilization of Tibet S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U284)
R311 Travelers and Explorers in Central Asia (previously CEUS-U320)
R331 Grave Robbers, Missionaries, and Spies: Foreign Adventurers in Chinese Turkistan (previously CEUS-U320)
R340 Introduction to Hungarian Studies (previously CEUS-U320)
R342 Roma (Gypsy) History and Culture S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U320)
R351 Prophets, Poets, and Kings S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U311)

R302 Finland in the Twentieth Century S&H (previously CEUS-U333)
R310 Introduction to Central Asian History S&H (previously CEUS-U320)
R360 Modern Mongolia (previously CEUS-U469)
R361 Mongolia’s Middle Ages (previously CEUS-U320)
R370 Introduction to the History of Tibet S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U483)
R383 Ten Sultans, One Empire: The Ottoman Classical Age 1300-1600 S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U320)

Religious Studies:
R291 Inner Asian Religious Beliefs S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U292)
R313 Islam in the Soviet Union and the Successor States A&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U394)
R373 The Religions of Tibet A&H (previously CEUS-U484)

Social Science:
R251 Post-Taliban Afghanistan and the War on Terror S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U320)
R315 Politics and Society in Central Asia S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U395)
R316 Peoples and Cultures of Central Asia S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U398)
R352 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U397)
R394 Environmental Problems & Social Constraints in Northern and Central Eurasia (previously CEUS-U374)
R395 Politics of Identity in China and Inner Asia (previously CEUS-U320)

Literature, Folklore, Arts:
R281 Turkish Literature in Translation (previously CEUS-U320)
R354 Persian Literature in Translation: Literature and Cinema of Modern Iran A&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U372)
R371 Tibet and the West S&H, CSA (previously CEUS-U489)
R382 Cultural History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey (previously CEUS-U320)

Cross-listed classes:
COLL E103 Great Wall of China
COLL E104 Mongol Conquest
COLL E104 Religion and Revolutions
INTL I206 Nations, States, and Boundaries
COLL E103 Oil, Islam, and Geopolitics: an Introduction to Contemporary Central Asia

Topics in Area Studies

Other 300 and 400 level classes will be included with the consent of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

R309 Topics in Baltic-Finnish Studies
R329 Topics in Central Asian Studies
R359 Topics in Iranian Studies
R369 Topics in Mongolian Studies
R379 Topics in Tibetan Studies
R389 Topics in Turkish Studies
R399 Topics in Central Eurasian Studies

For more information contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies at

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