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Overseas study is an increasingly important part of any area studies program. In recent years, Central Eurasian Studies graduate students have studied language or done research in most of the regions studied in our department: Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Hungary, Finland and Estonia.


Located on the Danube in Budapest, Corinvus University offers two semester-long programs for IU students. One is intended only for business school students, and the other is open to undergraduates of all majors. Both require taking a 15 credit course load, 3 of which include a conversational Hungarian course.
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Recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest is also a significant financial center in the region. On this co-sponsored, direct enrollment semester program, students take courses alongside other international students at Corvinus University of Budapest. Students take business and other courses taught in English as well as an introductory Hungarian language class.
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The IU-administered summer program in Kyrgyzstan is led by IU faculty and jointly organized by IU and the American University of Central Asia. Students from the US and Kyrgyzstan will live and work together on an archaeological project designed to develop scientific research skills and cross-cultural communication and understanding. In addition to actual mapping and excavation, students will get language exposure and have a chance to live in a Kyrgyz village.
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