The IU Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT) addresses the global need to increase participation of women at all stages of their involvement in technology-related fields through research collaborations, education, mentoring and community building. The interdisciplinary, unified approach to this center serves as a national model to encourage, empower, and promote women in technology and computing-related fields at IU and across the region.

What we are
    We are IU’s voice for women in technology

What we do
    Education, Advocacy, Encouragement, Research, Connect, Celebrate

Why we do what we do
    We want to transform the presence and role of women working with technology, a catalyst to excellence
    and an essential 21st century tool for enhanced career success

Who we serve
    Women students, faculty, staff, alumnae, male advocates

How we do it
    Networking, resources, info sharing, affiliation, research, outreach, promoting parity, education,

    Equity, inclusivity, opportunity, learning, leadership, advocacy

    Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and educate IU women – students, faculty, staff and alumnae- to
    develop and use tech skills as a means to empowerment and enhanced career success. Women in
    technology are in the hearts and minds of all we do.

Connect With Us

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