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5th Annual CEWiT Summit

Submit a proposal by completing THIS FORM.

CEWiT proudly announces the 5th Annual CEWiT Summit on Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24, 2018, on the IU Bloomington campus. The CEWiT Summit provides IU women with the opportunity to share, learn, engage with, and experience technology across a variety of skill levels and disciplines.

CEWiT invites IU students, faculty, staff, alumnae, employers, and community members to submit session proposals (workshops, presentations/talks, or panels) that provide an opportunity for women in the IU community to learn about and engage with the use of technology across a broad spectrum of majors and academic fields.

For examples of sessions from prior years' Summits, see:

Session date will be determined based on the audience:

  1. Faculty and Staff sessions will be scheduled on Friday, March 23, 2018 at the IMU
  2. Students sessions will be scheduled on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at Cedar Hall/Union Street Center

Session formats

Submissions guidelines

Submission deadline is 12:59pm, January 14, 2018. We will email acceptance notifications between February 1 and March 1. To submit a proposal, please provide the following information:

  1. Contact information and brief (1-2 sentence) bios of all presenters.
  2. The title of your workshop, presentation, or panel.
  3. An abstract of your session to be printed in the conference program and on the conference website. The abstract should clearly define how the session relates to women and technology.
  4. Specify audience: Staff/faculty or students.
  5. Specify recommended audience level: Beginner, intermediate, and/or advanced.
  6. Length: one single session (50 minutes) or a double session (110 minutes session).
  7. A list of your A/V needs, if they differ from standard classroom technology.

Multiple proposal submissions are welcome; please submit each one separately. All presenters are invited to attend the Keynote talk and dinner Friday night. Lunch is provided to those who present to students on Saturday.

Submit a proposal by completing THIS FORM.

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