Jacobs School of Music Chamber Music Program

Spring 2012

Deadline to sign up your group is Friday, January 25, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions


Introduction Authorization and Final Schedule Adjustment forms
Course Requirements and Participation Policies for F450/550 Finding a Group and/or Coach


Ik-Hwan Bae, Professor of Chamber Music
Charles Latshaw, Coordinator

Studio: MU 116
Office hours: Mon-Fri 11.00-4.00, Tuesday 3:00-5:00 pm
Phone: 855-3258
Email:ibae@indiana.edu or chmusic@indiana.edu


Welcome to a new semester of Chamber Music at Jacobs School of Music. All students wishing to enroll in chamber music this Spring semester 2013 must fill out a group sign-up form (see below) and turn it in to Professor Bae (MU 116).

The Chamber Music Group Sign-Up Form is available here (PDF Document) Deadline: Friday, January 25, 2013

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Course Requirements and Participation Policies for MUS-F 450/MUS-F 550

There are significant changes to the Chamber Music Program. They are as follows:

  1. ALL students must be enrolled in chamber music to participate in a group.
  2. Please LIMIT your group participation to TWO GROUPS.
  3. If you are in more than one group, you MUST be enrolled in chamber music for EACH group
  4. For the majority of undergraduate students, you will be enrolled in MUS-F 450: Section 18570 (Bae, Latshaw).
    For the majority of graduate students, you will be enrolled in MUS-F 550: Section 18573 (Bae, Latshaw).
  5. Undergraduate students adding a Second Chamber Group must also enroll in section 20463.
  6. Graduate students addind a Second Chamber Group must also enroll in section 20464.
  7. There are separate class numbers for some specific chamber groups. These are as follows:




For groups that require authorization, the Music Undergraduate office will need permission from the instructor to be entered online so that you may register.

If you are in one or more of these special chamber ensembles, please be sure that you are registered in the correct class number. If you are not registered in the appropriate class number, then you will need to adjust your spring 2013 schedule on OneStart. If you are participating in chamber music with a faculty coach but not in one of the groups listed above, then you MUST register in MUS-F 450 or 550.

Please note that certain degrees have certain chamber music requirements and not all groups will count for all degrees. Check your bulletin, degree sheet, or Academic Advisement report to see whether or not the chamber group that you want to take will count for your program requirements. You can also ask in the Music Undergraduate Office.

INCOMPLETES: If you have an existing incomplete and wish to remove it, DO NOT ENROLL for chamber music--it will be counted as a valid enrollment. Just make sure that you state on the group sign-up form that you're removing an incomplete. If you've already enrolled and have an incomplete, you can drop chamber music for this semester. The exception to this rule is if you are a diploma or performance major--in this case, you'll need to be in TWO groups: one group to remove the incomplete, the other group to satisfy your current enrollment (since you're required to be enrolled in chamber music every semester).

Please remember: The final day for submitting completed Chamber Music group sign-up forms for Fall semester is Friday, January 25, 2013

Students who have not been able to form groups by the deadline will need to drop the course to avoid a failing grade.

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Degree Requirements

The Chamber Music requirement differs according to degree. Please use the School of Music Bulletin or check with Music Advisory Records Service to determine how many Chamber Music credits will satisfy your degree requirement.

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Finding a Group

Use the Bulletin Board or the Message Board on Oncourse to help you find a group. Remember to check regularly to see if there are other people who may be able to include you in their group.

Another way to find a group is by talking with fellow students and discussing the possibility of forming a group together. There are usually over 300 students enrolled in either F450/550, so there is a large pool of people to ask. Try asking at orchestra rehearsals, Clouse's Lounge, the second floor lounge, or any place where students gather.

If you are unsuccessful after exhausting these possibilities you may contact Professor Bae. He will endeavor to assist you in finding a group, but we cannot guarantee finding a group for you.


If you have not formed a group, please contact Professor Bae to arrange a short audition (approximately 10 minutes). He will then assign you to an appropriate group. You may schedule an audition by visiting Professor Bae's office and signing up on the schedule on his door. This audition applies to mixed ensembles as well (any instrument combination with strings).

Mixed Ensembles

If you wish to perform in a mixed ensemble (wind with string, piano with string, etc.), please see Professor Bae for a short audition so he may assign you to an appropriate ensemble.

Finding a Coach

If you cannot find a coach for your group:
If your group has not been able to find a coach by the group sign-up form deadline, please withdraw from chamber music. If you require chamber music for graduation, please contact Prof. Bae. Just be sure that you have made a good attempt to locate a coach on your own before asking for help.

To study chamber music with Professor Bae:
Groups comprised of strings only: please fill in the group sign-up form and speak with Professor Bae to obtain his approval.

Groups comprised of mixed instruments: there will be limited space in Professor Bae's studio for mixed ensembles. Submit the form with his name and you will be notified if he is unable to coach you. At that point you will need to find another coach. You will have extra time should this be the case.

To study with another coach:
The best way to obtain a coach is to ask their permission in person. It is advisable to already have a complete chamber music group before asking for a faculty coach. The best ways to get in touch with faculty members are e-mail, phone, and knocking on their studio door. If you choose the latter alternative, please do not disturb other student's private lessons; wait until between lesson times to ask permission.

When you have the permission of the faculty member to use them as your chamber music coach you may then sign up using their name.

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Authorization and Final Schedule Adjustment forms

Students who need authorization signatures on their drop/add or registration forms should put the relevant form in the slot on Professor Bae's office door (MU116).

If you still have questions or concerns, please email us at chmusic@indiana.edu