Nomination Procedures

Nominations for future junior and senior awards for the 2017 Congress must be submitted to the ISHC President by Jan 1st. 2017. For Further details, see the following three pdf documents for more information regarding nomination procedures.

  1. Call for Nominations
  2. The ISHC E. C. Taylor Senior Award Guidelines
  3. The ISHC A. R. Katrizky Junior Award Guidelines
  4. The ISHC Industrial Award Guidelines

E.C. Taylor Senior Awards in Heterocyclic Chemistry

Presented at the Biennial ISHC Congress

2017 — Professor Yasuyuki Kita
2013 — Professor S. F. Martin
2011 — Professor S.E. Denmark
2009 — Unclaimed
2005 — Professor L. E. Overman
2003 — Professor T. Fukuyama
2001 — Professor V. Snieckus
1999 — Professor A. Padwa
1997 — Professor A. I. Meyers
1995 — Professor C. W. Rees
1993 — Professor A. R. Katritzky
1991 — Professor W. Pfleiderer
1989 — Professor E. C. Taylor
1987 — Professor R. Huisgen
1985 — Professor T. Kametani
1983 — Professor R. Castle
1981 — Professor H. van der Plas

A.R. Katritzky Junior Awards in Heterocyclic Chemistry

Presented at the Biennial ISHC Congress

2017 — Professor Chris Vanderwal
2013 — Professor T. Rovis
2011 — Professor P. Baran
2009 — Professor J. Wood
2007 — Professor D. Macmillan
2005 — Professor A. Fürstner
2003 — Professor P. Wipf
2001 — Professor W. H. Pearson
1999 — Professor T. Gallagher
1997 — Professor D. L. Boger

ISHC Industrial Award

2017 — Dr. Martin Eastgate

ISHC Sponsored Lecturships

In 2016, the Society established a sponsorship for ISHC Lectures at various meetings around the world. The ISHC Lecture Awards are given to recognize members of the heterocyclic community who have made outstanding contributions to the field. The Awardees present a conference lecture and receive a certificate.

Professor Henk Hiemstra receives the 2017 ISHC Lecture Award at the XVII International Conference on Heterocycles in Bioorganic Chemistry at National University of Ireland-Galway, Galway, Ireland.
L-R. Dr. Fawaz Aldabbagh (Bioheterocycles 2017 Conference Chair), Prof. Henk Hiemstra and Prof. Christian Stevens (May 31, 2017).

Professor Geraldine Masson

Professor Geraldine Masson, received the 2016 ISHC Lecture Award at the 27th European Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry on July 5, 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.