To find books, theses and serial publications, use
a PAC terminal and conduct a search for author, title or
subject. For the correct subject heading consult the
Library of Congress Subject Headings (located near the Sci.
Ref. Desk) or a science librarian. Some important subject

Literature Guides

QD8.5    Chemical Publications, Their Nature and Use.
M44 1982    A guide to the chemical literature.  Covers
Sci Ref  primary, secondary, and tertiary sources and       
        computerized information retrieval.

QD8.5    How to Find Chemical Information: a Guide for
M34 1987    Practicing Chemists, Educators, and Students.
Sci Ref     A comprehensive guide emphasizing the classical
         tools, significant newer resources, and other
         methods of accessing chemical information.

QD8.5    The Literature Matrix of Chemistry.
358 1982    A guide focusing on the value, scope, and 
Sci Ref  content of the literature of chemistry.

Current Awareness

TP1      Chemical & Engineering News.
C35         A weekly publication including review articles
         and important current news.

Index    Chemical Titles.
Chem        A concordance to research and a current
Sci Ref  awareness service covering 750 journals. Contains
         alphabetical keyword and author indices. Entries
         include citation and partial table of contents.

TP1      Chemical Week. 
C37         A weekly chemical news magazine. Contains 
information on new technology and on new patents.

Index    Current Contents. Physical, Chemical & Earth
Table       Sciences. 
6B          Lists table of contents of the latest issues
Sci Ref  of 800 journals. Comments on a current topic;
         contains a digest of press releases; and features
         table of contents of new, multivolume books.
         Includes title word index, author index and
         address directory, and a list of publishers. -
         Available online.

QD241    Tetrahedron Letters.
T42         An international letter journal. Publishes
         scholarly articles faster than other professional

Indexes and Abstracts

Index    Analytical Abstracts.
Chem        Covers all branches of analytical chemistry. 
Sci Ref  Indexes journals, books, patents, conference
         proceedings; includes reviews.  Arranged in 
         sections; section "C" contains organic
         chemistry.  Has alphabetical author index; a
         guide providing preferred index terms; and subject
         index listing organic substances under the parent
         compound followed by the substituent groups. -
         Available online.

Index    Chemical Abstracts.
Table       A comprehensive index to the chemical litera-
7A       ture: journals, books, patents, and other docu-
Sci Ref  ments.  Arranged in 80 sections; organic chemistry
         is covered in sections 21-46.  Covers processes,
         nomenclature, computer applications, reviews;
         physical organic chemistry (mechanism and 
         kinetics); oliphatic & alicyclic compounds; ben-
         zenes, organometallics, polymers, textiles, etc.
         May be accessed by subject, substance, formula,
         patent, author, and ring systems indices. -
         Available online.

Index    Cumulated Index Medicus.
Table       An index to the international biomedical liter-
2A       ature with strong biochemical coverage. Lists
Sci Ref  articles, letters, editorials and contains records
         of 22,000 chemicals. The Supplementary Chemical
         Records volume lists the name, RN num er,
         synonyms, pharmacological action terms and infor-
         mation notes for each substance. - Available
         online and on CD-ROM.

Index    Science Citation Index.
Table       Multidisciplinary and international indexing of
1B       the sciences. Covers chemistry, biochemistry,
Sci Ref  pharmacology, toxicology, etc. Indexes journals,
         books, book reviews, and patents. Consists of
         three parts:  source index (search by author);
         pemuterm subject index (subject and key-word
         approach); and citation index (search by specific
         reference). -  Available online.

         are published at regular intervals; contain
current material; and disseminate information fast. Some
important journals for organic chemists are:

         Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry (QD400.J6)
         Journal of Organic Chemistry (QD241.J6)
         Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (QD411.J65)
         Macromolecules (QD1.M3)
         Synthesis (QD241.S95)
         Terahedron (QD241.T4)
         ACS Journal (QD1.A54)

Review Journals

         are surveys of the development and progress in
a certain field, in a given period of time. Some represent-
ative titles are:

         Advances in Alicyclic Chemistry  (QD301.A3)
         Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry (QD321.A2)
         Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry (QD400.A18)
         Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry (QD476.A4)
         Organic Reaction Mechanisms (QD258.O82)
         Topics in Stereochemistry (QD481.T6)


Location Abbreviations

Sci Ref     Science Reference, Fifth Floor, Library
Chem Ref    Chemistry-Geology Building

                                          K. Harkanyi, 5/90
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