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subject. For the correct subject heading consult the
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QD251    Beilstein's Handbuch der organischen Chemie.
B4          Provides historical coverage of organic
1918     chemistry; includes the patent literature. For
Chem     each compound gives molecular structure, occur-
Ref      ence, preparation, properties, analytical
         salts, and addition compounds. Lists source for 
         each data. Contains molecular formula, subject,
         and "system number" classification indexes. 
         Regularly updated.- Available online.

QD65     CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.
H3          A collection of tabular data in chemistry and
Sci Ref  physics.  Section "C" covers organic compounds.
Ask at   Gives rules of nomenclature; explanation of
Desk     tables, and Beilstein references. For each
         compound lists name, formula, mol. weight, color,
         boiling and melting points, density, solubility. 
         Has structural formulas; melting, boiling, and
         formula indexes; sublimation data, heats of
         fusion, heats of vaporization, etc.

TP151    Lange's Handbook of Chemistry.
H25         Contains most frequently needed chemical data. 
1985     Special features include coverage of natural
Sci Ref  products, tables of physical properties for
         alkaloids, glucosides, and commercial organic
         compounds.  Has separate sections for analytical
         and electrochemistry.
RS51     The Merck Index.
M4          Lists most important chemicals, drugs,
1983     pesticides, and biologically active substances.
Sci Ref  For each entry gives formula, structure, and
         synonym; physical data, toxicity, patent number,
         therapeutic category, caution, and literature
         references.  Has name and formula indexes; list
         of RN numbers, and miscellaneous tables. -
         Available online.
Patents and Report Literature

Gov't    Government Report Announcement and Index.
Pubs        A subject, author, contract number, and acces-
U.S.     sion/report number index to documents published
C51.9    by the National Technical Information Services. 
         Scope includes pure and applied sciences. -
         Available online.

Gov't    Official Gazette of the United States Patent
Pubs        Office.
U.S.        A numerical listing under general and mechani-
C21.5    cal, chemical, electrical and design categories. 
         Entries include title, filing details, U.S. patent
         class, detailed abstract. Has indexes of appli-
         cants and assignees, classification of appli
cations, and patentees. -  Available online.

Gov't    Monthly Catalog.
Pubs        A current bibliography of government publica-
U.S.     tions. Arranged in two parts:  bibliography and
C51.9    indexes (author, subject, title, series report
         number, stock number, and key words). - Available

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Treatises

QD262    Compendium of Organic Synthetic Methods.
C53         A collection of reactions with references.

QD400    Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry.
C65         An account of fundamentals, focusing on basic
Sci Ref  principles.  Shows correlation in the properties,
         chemistry, and synthesis of heterocyclic systems
         and analogous carbocyclic structures.  Has author,
         subject, ring, and physical data indexes.
QD411    Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry.
C65         A review covering organometallic and carbon
Sci Ref  monoxide chemistry.  Reviews the chemistry of 
         elements, the use of organometallic species in
         synthethis, and catalysis.  Discusses carbon-metal
         bonds, organometalic compounds in solution, and
         their impact on the environment. Contains referen-
         ces, indexes of authors, subjects, formulas,
         structures, and review articles.

QD251    Dictionary of Organic Compounds.
H45         Covers organic compounds, natural products,
Sci Ref  solvents and reagents, derivatives, tautomeric
         compounds, anions and cations.  Presents struc-
         ture, properties, literature references, toxicity
         and hazard information, importance and use.  Has
         alternative name index, molecular formula index,
         and RN number index.

QD411    Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds.
D53         Covers compounds of representative structures
Sci Ref  of established use, and of special interest. 
         Excludes halogens, noble gases, and unstable
         radioactive elements.  Entries contain name,
         RN number, formula, stereochemical conventions,
         physical data, toxicity and hazard information.
         Has name, molecular formula, and RN indexes.

QD251    Organic Reactions.
O7          Each chapter covers a single reaction or a
         phase of reaction, focusing on preparative
         aspects. Gives several procedures for each method.
         Contains extensive bibliographies.

QD251    Chemistry of Carbon Compounds. (Rodd's) 2nd ed.
R62         A general introduction to organic chemistry
         covering aliphatic, alicyclic, aromatic, and
         heterocyclic compounds. Gives theoretical
         interpretation of properties and reactivity,
         structural formula, methods of preparation, and
         properties.  Each volume has an index and
         includes references to the original literature.

QD262    Theilheimer's Synthetic Methods of Organic
T472        Chemistry.
            The most complete collection of chemical
         reactions; includes methods of synthesis for
         organic compounds. Describes the application of
         the methods and arranges syntheses by reaction.
         Has reaction and name indexes; a list of reagents;
         and references.


Z5523    CASSI - Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index.
A52         An aid in identifying and locating serial
Sci Ref  publications indexed by Chemical Abstracts. 
         Entries include abbreviation, full title, CODEN,
         bibliographic citation, history, editor, 
         and location.  Updated.

TP12     Chem Sources - U.S.A.
C44         Lists chemicals made in small or research 
Sci Ref  quantities.

T11      Handbook for Authors. (ACS)
Sci Ref

Q291     Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry. (IUPAC).

T12      Thomas Register of American Manufacturers.
T6 fo.      Identifies sources of equipment or materials. -
         Available online.

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