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Indexes and Abstracts

Sci Ref  Analytical Abstracts.
Index       Covers all aspects of analytical chemistry.
Area 5   Indexes journals, books, patents, conference    
         papers; includes reviews.

Sci Ref  Chemical Abstracts (CA).
Index       A comprehensive index to primary and secondary
Table 5  chemical literature.  Covers journal articles,
         patents, books, and other documents.  Arranged in
         80 sections; sections 65-80 provide information on
         "Physical and Analytical Chemistry."  Well indexed
         by substance, subject, formula, ring systems,
         patent and author.  Available online.

Review Journals

Advances in Laser Spectroscopy   (QD 96.L3 A384)
Advances in Chromatography   (QD 271.A23)
The Analyst   (QD 71.A45)
Analytica Chimica Acta   (QD 71.A47)
Analytical Chemistry   (TP1.I615)
Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists  
Talanta   (QD 71.T3)

Reference Books

QD 79    Dictionary of Chromatography.
C4D46       2d ed.
1982     Contains spectroscopic terms.
Sci Ref

QD 131   Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemical Analysis.
E5          Covers general techniques and analysis of 
Sci Ref  specific substances.

QD 98    Introduction to Semimicro Qualitative Analysis.
M5S67       5th ed.
1977        Detailed description of theory; practical 
            applications included.

TP 9     Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology.
E685        4th ed.
1991        Includes methods of analysis; detailed tables
Sci Ref  and graphs; bibliographies.

TP 151   Lange's Handbook of Chemistry.  14th ed.
H25         Presents frequently needed data; includes 
1992     tables of physical properties; natural products
Sci Circ well; tables of alkaloids and glucosides; and
Desk     sections for analytical and electrochemistry. 
         Covers natural substances.

QD 5     International Encyclopedia of Chemical Science.
I5          Includes numerous analytical testing methods.
Sci Ref

QD 71    Handbook of Analytical Chemistry.
M37         Lists tables in qualitative and quantitative
         analysis techniques.

TA 401   Annual Book of A.S.T.M. Standards.  15 vs.
A653        Includes standard tests and procedures useful
Sci Ref to the chemist.

QD 96    The Aldrich Library of Infrared Spectra.
I5P67       Includes over 10,000 spectra of organic func-
1981     tional groups.
Sci Ref

QD 96    The Aldrich Library of NMR Spectra.  2d ed.
N8P68       Contains classes of compounds similar in struc-
1983     ture.  Electronegativity, ring size, inductive 
Sci Ref  effects, etc. are also indicated.

QC 454   The Eight Peak Index of Mass Spectra.  3d ed.
M3M36       Contains 66,720 mass spectra of 52,332 com-
1983     pounds.  Useful for identification of compounds;
Sci Ref  also used as a molecular weight index.

QC 453   Tables of Spectral Lines.  3d ed.
Z313 1970   Gives complete list of spectral lines for the
         more important elements.


QD 75    Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry.
W75         Lists often used topics in chemical analysis
         and provides laboratory guidance.

QD 75.2  Methodicum Chimicum.
M47         Critical description of chemical methods and
Sci Ref  emphasis on biochemistry; separation tecniques;
         includes references.

S 587    Official Methods of Analysis of the AOAC.
A7 1990     Qualitative and analytic tests for foods, 
Sci Circ    drugs, pesticides, cosmetics.  Includes prepa-
Desk        ration of standard solutions.

QD 117   Quantitative Organic Microanalysis.  2d ed.
S78         Presents microchemical techniques and proce-
1961     dures.

QD 131   Standard Methods of Chemical Analysis.
S68         Includes most accepted and used methods of

QD 75    Treatise on Analytical Chemistry.  2d ed.
K62         Emphasizes thermodynamics and quantum chemis-

Computer Databases

Analytical Abstracts, 1980-
         Online version of printed index.  Covers stan-
         dards, patents, technical reports.  Gives chemical
         names, synonyms, and trade names.  Includes regis-
         try numbers, analyte and matrices.

Medline, 1966-
         A major source for biomedical information.

NTIS (National Technical Information Service), 1964-
         Contains government sponsored research.

Location Abbreviations

         Sci Ref        Science Reference, Fifth floor
         Sci Ref Desk   Science Reference Desk, Fifth floor
         Ask at Desk    Science Circulation Desk, Fifth    

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